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Rutgers ranks among schools with highest graduate student debt

Which Public University has Highest graduate student Debt?
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Rutgers University received a number one ranking for public universities in America — for massive graduate debt, that is.

The Center for American Progress recently ranked American universities in order of graduate school student debt. The top winners were for-profit and private universities. Yet, Rutgers, located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, managed to receive the highest ranking amongst public universities at the 19th spot overall.

The American Progress report revealed that graduate students from only 20 universities in America received one-fifth of all student loans during the 2013 to 2014 academic year, according to Washington Post.

Rutgers responded to this new analysis, stating that the university “is extremely sensitive to the costs of graduate education.” E.J. Miranda, the director of media relations, commented that the report is misleading because it ignores enrollment numbers and cites total debt instead of average debt.

Rutgers University has nearly 20,000 students in graduate programs, which include two medical schools, two law schools and two business schools.

Rutgers University also informed Metro that the university helps students find grants and employment. Graduate students can receive aid from Eagleton, Presidential and Ralph Bunche fellowships as well as from graduate student aid from the university, which amounted to $280 million dollars last year.

Overall, graduate student debt is on the rise. One reason is because public universities receive less in-state funding than before, and have increased tuition to compensate for the loss.

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