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Rutgers student says to thieves: ‘Keep laptop, send me my project’

This image has been circulating through the Internet. This image of a laptop theft victim’s plea has been circulating on the Internet.

One Rutgers University student really needs his or her laptop back.

This image circulating on the Internet, which made it to the front page of Reddit, of a flyer was allegedly posted by a Rutgers student pleading with the thief who took his or her laptop to keep the computer — he or she just needs the files from it.

Apparently, the student’s thesis — a culmination of five years’ work — was stored on the laptop. The student, whose identifying information has been blacked out in the photo, is offering a $1,000 reward.

The fifth-year Ph.D. student made a smart move telling the thieves he or she will offer up the money in any way they see fit, but the student wasn’t so smart as to back up all that work.

There’s Dropbox, an external hard drive, flash drives, Google Drive… See what we’re driving at?

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