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Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are totally pro-sweatpants

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Eva Mendes came under fire last week for joking that sweatpants are the “No. 1 cause of divorce in America,” because obviously we’ve exhausted all other topics over which to get outraged. To quell the public indignation, Mendes and partner Ryan Gosling struck out on social media to assure all of their commitment to dressing for comfort, not style. First, Mendes posted an affectionate ode to her “favorite pair of sweatpants” on Instagram, apologizing for forsaking them. “Everyone knows orange Crocs are the No. 1 cause of divorce,” she wrote.

Then Gosling chimed in himself with some well-earned wisdom for others about how to live in polite society. “Word to the wise. Don’t joke about sweatpants or North Korea. Real hot button issues. Trust me,” he tweeted. ” Obviously sweatpants thing was a joke. Wearing them now. That’s right, tweeting in sweatpants. Rats! Said too much! You win again Twitter.”

Personally, I’d wager that a lack of a sense of humor is the bigger threat to happiness, so lighten up, everybody.

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