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Sadistic rabbits return to spice up Easter at Full Bunny Contact

Michael Blase

Holidays are not usually a time for competition, unless you think you can make a better pie than grandma. (And is this really the time to challenge her?) Except Easter, when the frilly outfits and all those spring vegetables were worth it for the sport of tiny kings: the egg hunt.

Those skills have probably been rusting for a while, but beginning March 22, Full Bunny Contact is back to sharpen them. The “extreme egg hunt and Easter battleground” pits you against giant rabbits who try to sabotage your egg collecting, an “American Gladiators”-style foam stick match between you and a rabid bunny, and even a temper tantrum contest for the title of NYC’s Biggest Brat. Congrats?

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At stake are the all-important rewards of money, candy and some other prizes that don’t matter nearly as much as those first two things. But really, you’re there to blow off some family table drama and get those sweet photo ops (don’t forget to stop by the Humiliating Hare’s photobooth for a bunny photo you might actually show in public).

The $25 admission price gets you access to three out of the four main attractions, or for those not brave enough to tussle with their fluffy Easter memories there’s a $5 entry-only pass.

Full Bunny Contact
March 22-27
La Tea Theater at The Clemente, 107 Suffolk St.

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