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Samantha Bee finds that Iraqi Kurds are Donald Trump fanatics

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This week, “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee traveled to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, where she discovered a slew of Donald Trump superfans. One couple had even named their baby “Trump.”

“They love Trump,” said a shocked Bee, after interviewing several Kurds about the president. “Are we in the middle of making Samantha Bee’s first, and probably last ever, Trump-positive field piece?”

She found that the Iraqis appreciated Trump’s move to directly arm the Kurds in the fight against ISIS — the first American president to do so. A skeptical Bee mused whether the Kurds “are aware that President Four Loko is just using them as mercenaries in the war against ISIS.”

“The Kurds aren’t stupid,” she added. “Surely they know Trump changes his mind more often than he changes communications directors. Why would people who’ve endured so much instability trust our least stable president?”

One man told her, “He is a competent leader, not just for America. The whole world needs a Trump.”

“We are very, very sure that Trump understands the Kurdish nation,” said another.

“Trump is crazy,” said another, “but he gets the job done with that craziness.”

Bee said, “If the one good thing that comes out of the Trump presidency is that he makes the Kurds feel hopeful about their state, that’s one more good thing than I anticipated.”

While in the country, Bee encountered a Bernie Bro. She sang the polite Sanders supporter a song. “I had to come across the world to meet a Bernie bro who would talk to me without calling me a bitch or a shrill c—, so thank you so much sir.”

Bee also found one father who has named his infant son Trump. (When she stopped to dandle the baby’s hair, she wondered, “What happens if I tousle his hair? Is that normalizing him?”)

“He is angry, very angry, just like him,” said the man.

“He beats us with his fists,” the baby’s mother added.


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