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Samsung glitch causes phones to send photos from camera roll without permission

Samsung Messenger app glitch

If you use a Samsung phone and use the default Samsung Messenger app to send text messages, you probably should make sure you don’t have any scandalous photos on your phone. A new glitch affecting the Samsung phones and the Samsung Messenger app is causing some devices to randomly send text messages and photos from your camera roll to people in your contact list. 

Several Reddit users have reported a Samsung Messenger glitch and are complaining that their mobile devices are sending photos to their contacts. Samsung users have also reported the concerning bug to the official Samsung user community forum.

According to the Reddit thread, one user claims that his Galaxy S9+ phone sent his entire photo gallery to his girlfriend while he was sleeping.

Samsung Messenger app glitch randomly sends photos to all your contacts. The issue was spotted on Reddit and posted to Samsung community forums.

Some users are speculating that recent messaging updates to Samsung devices may be the cause of the bug. The Verge reports that updates and fixes to RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging from Samsung may have caused the issue. Rich Communication messaging enhances the features in the regular messenger app and allows users to share different types of media over the Samsung Messenger app.

Samsung Messenger app glitch: What phones are affected?

According to Android news site Android Central, the issue has been reported on the Galaxy S9 and Note 8 so far, but other Samsung phones could be affected. Android Central notes that the issue appears to be with the Samsung Messenger app and not any specific wireless carrier. 

On the Samsung user community thread, it appears that Samsung technical support is aware of the issue and issued a statement to Gizmodo about the glitch. “We are aware of the reports regarding this matter and our technical teams are looking into it. Concerned customers are encouraged to contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG.”

Based on the experience of the Reddit user who said his Samsung Messenger app sent his entire photo gallery to his girlfriend, this new Samsung glitch could potentially be a disaster for anyone who has embarrassing images on their phone.  

How to fix Samsung Messenger app glitch

Until Samsung issues an update or patch for the Samsung Messenger app, Samsung users will have to wait it out, so make sure your phone doesn’t have any images you wouldn’t want your entire contact list to see.  

If you suspect your phone is affected by the potentially disastrous Samsung Messenger glitch, you should contact Samsung customer service immediately and pay close attention to any new updates from Samsung addressing the problem. 


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