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San Diego’s new metropolitan style

Gone are the days when San Diego meant a brief visit to a world famous zoo, or a sunny respite for day trippers on the way to Tijuana, Mexico.

The city is bustling with more and more Canadian tourists or snowbirds lately, mainly because there is a heck of a lot more to do, than just work on the old tan.

For instance, a measly 60 bucks Canadian, buys you an opportunity to join the biggest sport fishing fleet in the world.

H and M Landing offers a six hour tour off San Diego Harbour where you’re sure to snag something.

I barely dropped my line when that epic battle between man and fish began.

After much struggling, I did end up reeling a couple of whoppers.

Actually, they turned out to be a couple of 12-inch cod, but what’s a fish story without gross exaggeration?

For the more adventurous there’s big yellow tail, sea bass and even shark to be caught.

If angling isn’t your cup of tea, it’s worth the ten bucks an hour just for the stunning views of downtown, nearby Coronato, and even Tijuana from way out on the open water.

It should be said, these are big boats, with a lot of amateur anglers trying their luck in close proximity to each other so expect a few snags and crossed lines which is all part of the fun, if it’s not your equipment that is.

San Diego is home to the largest naval base on the west coast, so hulking ships in the area are a dime a dozen.

It’s a bit surreal to be baiting your hook, while huge grey battle ships loaded with sailors on drill drift by just a few hundred yards in the background.

Think I’d rather be fishing.

Other Cool Things to Do in San Diego:

  • Take Your Catch to Sea Rocket Bistro: One of many great downtown restaurants serving all local ingredients from local fishermen and farmers. The trendy environment features funky cardboard fish décor, and yes, if you catch it, they’ll cook it for you.
  • Eat A Live Sea Urchin at the Farmer’s Market: Located in the heart of the city’s Little Italy, this weekly crowded market is full of sustainable delicacies, including live sea urchin. It’s a bit hard to swallow, but actually tastes like, you guessed it, the ocean.

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