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Sandra Bullock’s ex Jesse James is still a cheater

Jesse James Cheating Scandal

Jesse James — a so-called television personality most famous for marrying, then cheating on Sandra Bullock — has found himself in the middle of another marital scandal. The dude really can’t keep his downstairs parts in his pants. 

The 48-year-old has been married to heiress and American drag racer Alexis DeJoria (he sure likes ‘em rich!) since 2013. DeJoria isn’t just a regular heiress, she’s a cool heiress: her father, John Paul DeJoria, is a co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products and The Patrón Spirits Company. Too bad that didn’t stop James from exchanging um, “racy” messages over social media with hairstylist Myla Harris for three months. And according to InTouch, those messages reference specific sex acts. Oh, dear. 

Harris, a 33-year-old who went to the magazine to spill the details — but only after James blocked her on all social media — says he repeatedly invited her to the Texas home he shares with his wife, DeJoria, whom he married in 2013.

“We messaged a few days on Instagram before he had me switch to Snapchat so our [later] conversations and pictures couldn’t be saved.” Also, James had to first confirm that Harris wasn’t “some huge fatty,” because he’s very charming. Their conversations apparently often centered around Jesse’s fantasies of oral sex with her. Yiiiiiikes. 

Harris sent James nudes, basically, and their relationship was never consummated, So I mean, that’s a huge step, as far as James is concerned.

A few months ago, the motorcycle enthusiast opened up about his marriage to actress Bullock, and the subsequent cheating and falling out. It happened seven years ago, but he was perhaps desperate for attention as a D-list star.

“Yeah, I did cheat on my wife. I stood up… and apologized,” he said. “It’s like people love to see you fall. And the farther you get, the higher you get the more they love it.” Y’all know I love it when a grown man blames everyone else for his problems. It’s very, very bewitching.

Anyway, I guess when you’re a chronic cheater slash, person who looks to be sexually fulfilled outside of their relationship, you’re gonna just keep doing that. So honestly, is anyone even surprised?

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