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Sara Foster talks being a mom and how Tide’s new product makes parenting that much easier

Sara Foster
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Being a mom, an actress, a businesswoman, a wife and somehow taking care of yourself at the same time is no easy feat. Sara Foster has a lot on her plate, and the 38-year-old is not afraid to admit that everything motherhood and life throws at you can be overwhelming. In fact, the actress admits to needing help, whether it be from other moms, friends or even helpful products like Studio by Tide. The new product from the popular cleaning company recruited both Foster sisters (Erin and Sara) to become the spokespersons for this new incredible product, and Sara dished out why she loves the product, how it can be helpful to other moms and touched on why asking for help when it comes to your kids is an important tool to utilize.

The actress and her sister Erin recently became spokespersons for Studio by Tide.

Sara Foster gets asked quite often how she is able to balance everything in her life. “Listen it’s like the common question that all moms get and its the common conversation that all moms have, which is how do you balance it all?”, says Foster. “You balance being there for your partner and being present and flourishing in your career. How do you maintain being a good parent and being there for every moment and being there and participating in your kids’ thriving?”

Although celebrities and social media sometimes make the tough feat of parenting seem effortless and easy, Foster is not afraid to admit that she has good and bad days. “It’s tough, I’ve already missed two school functions being in New York and working. That’s just sort of how it goes, but at the end of the day I have daughters who look at their mom and I think they respect what I do. I think they want to be businesswomen watching their mom do that. That’s the best compliment you can get when your daughter says mom I want to be just like you, and shockingly my daughter said that to me recently– it was pretty nice.”

Foster also says the lack of asking for help, or believing that you have to be “super mom” can be a detriment more than a strength. “I think you alienate yourself to other moms who can be really resourceful to you when you try to act like everything is perfect. I am the first person to admit to my friends, I’m not doing this right, I need help, I’m not doing this correctly- what do you do and what are your tips?”, says Foster. “I’ve gotten some pretty incredible advice by putting myself out there and I can’t stand moms who are afraid to put themselves out there like that. No one’s doing it perfectly and we all need help, there’s such a strong community of women when you put yourself out there and when you admit everything’s not perfect.”

Sara Foster

Harnessing that community and also realizing the realities of raising kids and having a budget helps the actress spend her money wisely. “I really refuse to spend a lot of money on my kid’s clothes. I just refuse,” Foster says. “They’re growing every single day, and you buy something and it doesn’t fit them a week later. So I tend to lean towards the less expensive clothing, and with less expensive clothing comes cheaper fabric, therefore after two washes, they’re done.”

That’s why Foster was so excited and adamant to be one of the spokespersons for Tide’s new product. “I recently found this product Studio by Tide and it is for delicate clothing. When you use it on the kid’s cheaper material clothes you get an extra 20 washes out of something that is usually finished after two.”

So where does Foster shop when using the product? “I love Old Navy, it’s just great. It’s so reasonably priced and I just go in there and buy it all up, and it doesn’t break the bank. Now that I have studio by Tide, it’s lasting longer. I love Zara kids, I love Gap Kids and I love H&M, that’s really where I shop for my kids.”

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