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Sarah Palin meets a gun owner she doesn’t like

Vice presidential candidate and former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin has been granted a temporary restraining order against 18-year-old Shawn Christy for buying a gun and then sending her the receipts.

According to court documents, the teen sent the receipts to Palin and her friend, Kristan Cole, along with a note that said he had tried to follow the Bible but had “evil and wickedness” in him, reports RadarOnline.

“Let’s be clear about this — it was a lot more than just talk. He purchased a gun then sent the receipts. After he called Kristan Cole, we decided to take action because we feared for their safety and we acted swiftly in getting the restraining order to protect both women from this individual,” Palin’s lawyer, Tom Van Flein, told the site.

Wait. Someone was allowed to buy a gun, even though they are mentally unstable and wanted to allegedly use it for harm? How can that be? In this country, don’t we have laws to monitor the sale of … oh … right … nevermind, then.

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