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Savarese is surrounded by hot meat

Sure, executive chef Will Savarese of Robert’s Restaurant happens to go to work every day at the newly refurbished Scores Gentlemen’s Club, but talking with the enthusiastic and pedigreed chef, it’s blatantly obvious that he’s way more into cooking than he is about the scenery.

Is this your first time working at a steakhouse?

Yes. My background has been in places like Le Cirque, Le Cote Basque and La Cremaillere, so this is definitely a first.

How is it different?

It’s not really different. The only thing different is that we have the ladies.

Ah, yes! The ladies. So how much of your clientele is male and how much is female?

[Laughs]. Um, 90 to 10.

I’m sure you’re extremely popular with your guy friends but not your guy friends’ wives or girlfriends.

[Laughs]. Yeah, exactly. None of the wives and girlfriends are happy about it but it’s not like the girls are in the kitchen; it’s closed off. And they’re not in cooking.

Is there anything you really like on the menu right now?

I always try to have a few interesting items on the menu. Right now I have this Torchio Pasta that I do with a roasted butternut squash, sage, dry duck sausage, Asiago cheese, and more fried sage at the end.

Is there a spring ingredient you’re really looking forward to using in your cooking?

Oh, yes — ramps and English peas. I’ve been adding blood oranges to the Hamachi plate; it adds eye appeal and the citrus blends really well. And then there is crab and Sicilian green olives. It’s important to keep pushing myself — you gotta push yourself daily in order to make yourself better, because no one else is.

Robert’s Restaurant

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