Savour the sweet life at Wild Earth – Metro US

Savour the sweet life at Wild Earth

Wild Earth Bakery & Café
8902 99 Street

Rating: ****
Price range: Medium
Reservations: No
Category: Solo, social, family or co-worker lunch
Time in: 12:20
Time out: 12:30
Licensed: No

Despite their newly-expanded lunch menu to match their newly-expanded square footage, I flew into Wild Earth Bakery & Café with only the sweetest of intentions. Literally. I had promised to bring holiday baking to the office party.

I don’t bake.

I planned to fill a box with Wild Earth’s sinful tarts, but when I wandered into the new end of the store to place my order, a small tray caught my eye. Inside, white chocolate raspberry mini tarts crowded against pecan squares, two-bite brownies and a few plump chocolates. The $14.95 array would suit any taste and the price was easily what I would pay for six tarts.

I grabbed a couple of hazelnut toffee fair trade coffees ($2.60 including cup) and made it to the party on time. The Wild Earth treats were devoured immediately. If only I had thought to transfer the goodies onto my own plate, I might have taken the credit. Next time.