Scalps cleared for good cause – Metro US

Scalps cleared for good cause

Shears buzzed nearly non-stop for two hours, resulting in a mountain of multi-coloured hair and at least 37 gleaming scalps.

Canadian Natural Resources Limited employees raised $170,041 for the Canadian Cancer Society yesterday in front of a packed Bankers Hall East Lobby.

The choice to shed their luscious locks was an easy one, said Russell Piche.

“It’s an easy way to raise funds for a good cause, and there’s a lot of team spirit and community building at work,” said Piche, who has lost several family members to the disease and has a family friend currently losing the battle.

As Piche’s hair tumbled to the floor, his two-year-old son Aubrey sat on his lap, looking up with a smile at his father and awaiting his shot at the clean-shaven look.

“I think he probably wanted to look like me and we thought he might chicken out, but his spirit has been up about it and he did it,” Piche said.

In just two CNRL head-shaving bonanzas, more than $500,000 has been raised, money that goes directly to helping with education, prevention, advocacy and research efforts, said the Canadian Cancer Society’s Candace DeFreitas.