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School as usual ‘relief’ for students

A strike at Nova Scotia’s community colleges could have spelled disaster for Glen Canning.

The first-year broadcasting student is only a few weeks into his program, and said he was overjoyed to hear his instructors would be in class as usual today.

“It’s a huge relief,” Canning said. “Mine is a two-year program, and I couldn’t manage a third year. To get caught without school and without a job would have been really awful.”

News of a tentative deal between the college and the Nova Scotia Teachers Union spread like wildfire across the NSCC’s Waterfront Campus in Dartmouth yesterday, with staff and students checking their email accounts and phone messages between classes to confirm that a strike by their instructors and support staff had been averted.

The possibility of strike came so close that some students had already begun forming small study groups and were planning to continue reviewing material until their instructors returned to the classroom.

“There’s really only so much you can do, because we’re not the instructors,” said second-year marketing student Katie Goodhew. “It would have really put a kink in the entire learning process right when we were getting started. It would have been really disruptive.”

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