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School snuffs frosh week

Frosh week at Harry Ainlay has gone the way of the dodo thanks, in large part, to the high school’s Link Crew.

When Berneta Randhawa graduated from junior high, she came from a school of 60 students to one of the largest high schools in the country.

She said it was intimidating but Link Crew quickly changed her impression of the school.

“When I first came here I was so scared,” said the Grade 12 student. “After I came to Link Crew and I got familiar with my classes, I wasn’t even scared on my first day of school.”

Link Crew is basically a welcome for Grade 10 students coming to the school for the first time. They do activities, tour the building, register and they get to know the students they’ll be sharing classrooms with.

“The whole purpose of Link Crew is to make those Grade 10’s feel as comfortable as possible that first week of school,” said Jillian Denys, Link Crew’s teacher adviser. “It really gives them a taste of what Harry Ainlay is all about. The culture, the student activities, and the student involvement.”

Denys has only been a teacher at Ainlay for two years but she can’t remember ever having problems with froshing.

“Because of the school’s culture, the kids have respect for their school and we just have not seen any froshing,” she said.

Principal Dave Jones said Titan pride has a lot to do with the students’ respect for their school and fellow students.

“We can’t say that froshing never happens, kids make mistakes just like adults,” Jones said. “Friday’s activities make them feel so much safer.”

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