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Schools offering ‘sext ed’ for teen students

Wut r u wearing?

Teen “sexting” and the inevitable embarrassment that follows it will hopefully be a thing of the past as Calgary schools are getting in on a new Canadian website educating teens on safe texting practices.

The website is set to roll out its pilot phase amid growing concerns about young people sending sexual messages and nude photos via text, with 100 Grade 7 classrooms across Canada participating. The full site is slated to launch in September.

Spokespersons for both the Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Catholic School Board confirmed a handful of prospective schools in each system are participating in the pilot project initiated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

“We’re implementing the program in a number of our schools, but we’re not sure which ones or how many yet. I think this is another logical step in making sure our students are safe,” Catholic spokesperson Janet Corsten said.

CBE spokesperson Ted Flitton said the sexting initiative is only meant to complement their already comprehensive “Digital Citizenship” program.

“Our program is extensive and educates on all forms of technology, not just texting. We applaud the (sexting) program, but we also feel we have a comprehensive program in place,” he said, adding their program runs from kindergarten to Grade 12.

The website is partnered with the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association on textED.ca. The site will provide educational information on the risks of text messaging, as well as safety strategies and guidelines to follow when using technology.

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