Schools preparing for fundraising drop-off - Metro US

Schools preparing for fundraising drop-off

Calgary’s public schools are expecting a major drop in vending machine sales after trimming options to reflect healthier choices.

But Calgary Board of Education spokesman Ted Flitton said while administrators are preparing for some revenue loss, other options are being looked at to limit the damage to fundraising.

“We know there is going to be a significant dip in sales of some of these foods but we’re looking at different ways of fundraising,” he said.

As part of the school board’s goal to have students eating healthy 80 per cent of the time, vending machines this year now predominantly feature snacks such as granola bars, baked chips and milk with only a small ratio of chocolate bars and pop.

Flitton said by making the junk food options more expensive students will turn to cheaper, nutritional options. The bulk of vending machine sales are retained at the school level and mainly the revenue goes to to fund sports teams. Flitton said while there may be a short-term fundraising gap, pushing a healthy lifestyle is important.

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