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Science News: MRSA cure, abortion reversal and healthier rice


This week, theissue of mental health returned to the spotlight, Angelina Jolie made a brave but drastic decision that could shape how women face their cancer risk,

A simple way to cook rice that dramatically cuts calories | The Washington Post

“The ingenious method, which at its core is just a simple manipulation of chemistry, involves only a couple easy steps in practice.”

8 hip stretches your body really needs | MyFitnessPal

“If our hips aren’t able to flex and move in the way our bodies intend them to, they don’t become as useful as they should be, which means a lot of the load will fall onto your lower back.”

Can an abortion be reversed? | The Atlantic

Not exactly, and probably not the way the anti-abortion doctor who invented the method claims.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are no match for medieval potion | PopSci

A thousand-year-old Anglo-Saxon treatment for eye infections works as an antibiotic against one of today’s most notorious bacteria.

Depressed doesn’t mean dangerous | The Atlantic

News reports are focusing on the Germanwings pilot’s possible depression. But studies show violence is extremely rare among the mentally ill.

Angelina Jolie Pitt: Diary of a surgery | The New York Times

The actress writes about having her ovaries removed over concerns about her genetic risk for cancer, two years after she revealed she’d undergone a double mastectomy for the same reason. But should you be making the same choice?

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