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Scott Brown asks if Sen. Elizabeth Warren is ‘drunk tweeting’

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“Is she drunk tweeting now?”

That was the question posed by Scott Brown during an interview with Boston Herald Radio Wednesday.

Brown was referencing a series of tweets released by Sen. Elizabeth Warren slamming Donald Trump after his Indiana GOP primary victory on Tuesday, Boston.com reported.

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Warren’s tweets called out the likely Republican presidential nominee’s “toxic stew of hatred & insecurity.”

In her Twitter tirade, Warren said Trump built his campaign on “racism, sexism and xenophobia” and that there’s more enthusiasm for him “among the leaders of the KKK than leaders of the political party he now controls.”

Warren also said the next step in the election is “a character test for all of us — Republican, Democrat, and Independent.”

Brown called Warren’s opinions “irrelevant” and a “continuation of her phoniness.”

“First of all, what she said is completely irrelevant. It doesn’t matter,” Brown said on the show. “She had her chance to make a difference. She hasn’t even bothered to endorse anybody, so it just is a continuation of her phoniness and her inability to make decisions that really have her stand on her own two feet.”

Warren beat Brown in 2012 to become the U.S. senator from Massachusetts.

In 2013, Baker came under scrutiny for his own Twitter faux pas. The former U.S. senator dismissed a rumor that he was drunk when he tweeted “Bqhatevwr” during a heated exchange with another Twitter user.

“Now allegedly I’m drunk Tweeting,” Brown said in an interview with Fox 25 after the incident. “First of all I rarely drink. The last time I was ever drunk was my bachelor party. That was what, 28 years ago, or 27 years ago. So, I guess no one has ever pocket-dialed or pocket-Tweeted before.”

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