Scott Disick suing Mercedes-Benz for being 'useless' - Metro US

Scott Disick suing Mercedes-Benz for being ‘useless’


According to TMZ, Scott Disick — a.k.a the dude married to the Kardashian who is not Kim or the Kardashian married to (divorcing?) a basketball player — has filed a lawsuit against the German automobile company. It seems his 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (wheels that run upwards of 200 thousand bucks, btw. Because Scott Disick, who has no real job that I am aware of, other than being Mr. Kourtney Kardashian, has a car that costs a couple hundred grand) breaks down, like, all the time and it’s, like, an incredible drag to always be bringing it to the shop when he’d rather be ordering soy mochaccinos and trying on shoes.

In the report, Disick called the car “completely useless” which is about as apt an example of “pot calling the kettle black” that I can think of. Scott Disick contributes nothing of value or substance to society or even the crappy TV show that pays for his expensive taste in cars, is what I’m saying.

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