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Scott Stringer to Obama: Make plaza in front of Stonewall Inn a landmark

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The site recognized around the country as a catalyst for gay rights activism deserves to be a national landmark, argued New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer.

Stringer sent a letter to the Obama administration on Friday requesting that Christopher Park, the small patch of green space and benchesin front of the Stonewall Inn at 53 Christopher St., be recognized as a national monument.

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In June, New York City officially granted the actual tavern landmark status, where in 1969 LGBT New Yorkers rose up in a series of riots against persecution by police.

The actual building cannot be made a national monument, however, since private business are ineligible the status.

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In the letter, Stringer referenced the president’s own words on civil rights battles during his second inaugural address, in which he mentioned Stonewall.

Thousands of New Yorkers flocked to the Christopher Street site in 2011 to celebrate the state’s legal recognition of same-sex marriage, and most recently in June when the Supreme Court expanded marriage rights across the country.

The riots also inspired a controversial, fictionalized film “Stonewall,” to be released in September.

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