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Sculpting in the sun

Dreading those day you have to bare your body on the beach? Metro speaks to fitness guru Ramona Braganza about how to get the perfect beach body this summer.

Tone your Tum

Abdominal exercises are essential for a toned stomach and wasp waist. Alternate the exercises and make sure you work on several muscles including the rectus abdominis (assists regular breathing and supports the spine) and the oblique. Doing the plank is a great way to develop a cinched-in waist.

Intense cardio workouts will help burn excess fat. Eat healthily and avoid food or drink that cause bloating. Drinking water and avoiding alcohol and soft drinks are quick fixes. Carbohydrates should be scrapped from your dinner menu, as should all foods containing high levels of salt or refined sugars such as cheese or pastries.

Armed Power

Push-ups are great if you’re looking to tone your arms. If you cannot hold the position on your toes, use your knees. Attempt two sets of 10 followed up with a shoulder exercise (such as a shoulder press), then biceps (such as bicep curls) and triceps (such as tricep dips).

Squat to Shape

According to Braganza, the best way to get a toned bum is to do squats. Holding on to dumbbells throughout the exercise will make enhance the results but you must remain focused on the muscle you are working on. Squeeze your glute muscle as you stand up from a squat or lunge as this will transfer the workout over from your quads (the front of the legs) to the hamstrings and glutes (the back of the legs).

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