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Sean Paul reflects on the many women who have helped make his career

On Sean Paul’s brand-new single, Kelly Rowland asks him, “How Deep Is Your Love?” The song is pure Mr. Loverman dance hall, as Rowland provides the pretty chorus hook and Sean Paul answers that his love is “deeper than the ocean” amongst the decipherable words in his bubbling patois. Though it seems as he could be flirting with any female, he could also be giving thanks to every female.

“I think I make good songs with ladies,” says the Jamaican singer, displaying what is either an acute self-awareness or an understated view of his history of duets. Over the years he has paired his voice with the likes of Rihanna, Nina Sky, Alexis Jordan, Keyshia Cole and Beyonce.

“With me wanting to do any other collaborations with ladies, I think Kelly Rowland was just like the cherry on top,” he says.

This latest pairing also means that he’s dueted with two-thirds of the formative lineup of Destiny’s Child.

“Yeah, Michelle,” he says, contemplating the final puzzle piece, Michelle Williams, “I guess in the future I’ll do a gospel tour with her.”

It’s hard to know if Sean Paul is serious or not, but he does seem genuinely interested in more male/female duets.

“I want to work with Alicia Keys because of her vibe. I want to work with Shakira, and I heard she just got pregnant — big ups and congrats to her,” he says, almost as if he’s doing a shout-out on a radio station.

But the artist he seems really set on working with is Lauryn Hill: “I think she’s an amazing talent,” he says. “I do not like when people do not recognize history, and Lauryn Hill made history, man. She has a crazy album that is a landmark, and you can still play that album anywhere. That sounds like an artist to me.”

Mohawk ‘Technique’

Sean Paul’s new album “Tomahawk Technique” is the first album cover to showcase his new mohawk hairdo, a change from the tight braids that became a trademark for Sean Paul early in his career. He says he thinks he’ll sport this ’do for a long time.

“I’m gonna be like 80 and rocking a mohawk. People will be like, ‘Look at that mad old dude!’”

He’s almost halfway there. Sean Paul turns 40 in January.

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