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Search ‘idiot’ in Google Images and you’ll get Trump’s face

Whether or not you think Trump is an idiot, it’s your own opinion — and you’re entitled to that opinion.

If you’re all for the president, maybe you’ve sported your MAGA hat around town. If you’re outraged at him, perhaps you’ve expressed your frustration by calling up your local reps. Maybe you’ve adopted kickboxing to let off some steam, or screamed at pictures of Trump on your phone. 

To get results of his face, you might have typed his name into Google (makes sense) or even wrote out an impassioned phrase about how Trump is an idiot. Or, perhaps you simply typed in two words: Trump idiot.

As of recently, though, all you have to do is search for the term “idiot” in Google Images, and you’ll find Trump staring back at you.

We’re not lying. We’ll prove it.

Proof: You don’t have to think Trump is an idiot to test this out yourself

We typed in the term “idiot” on Google Images (nothing else — not even Trump idiot — just the single word).

Here’s a screenshot of the result as of this morning:

Trump is an idiot Google images

The influx of Trump image results was first reported on Monday. It’s credited to the British campaign that called for Green Day’s “American Idiot” to top U.K. music charts during the president’s visit with the Queen last week (because they wanted the world — and him — to know that they think Trump is an idiot).

Forbes reports that the song only got to Number 18 on the overall Top 100 singles chart but reached the Number 2 spot on the Singles Downloads Chart “and topped the Rock & Metal Singles Chart.” It also reportedly reached the Number 1 spot on Amazon U.K.’s bestseller list.

The Google Images of Trump came from stories reporting on this American Idiot campaign. And a lot of them are still up. 

The Guardian notes that since, people have tried to manipulate Google’s algorithm: “Mostly this involved people upvoting a post containing a photo of him and the word ‘idiot’ on Reddit.” (Reddit users have a history of manipulating results.)

Also included in these search results is an image of the giant baby Trump blimp that protestors flew in Parliament Square for two hours during the president’s U.K. visit. (A group is reportedly bringing it to America, by the way.)

So, if you need to go scream at more pictures of the president (because you think Trump is an idiot), or you could care less and want to go about your day like nothing happened, be our guest. Oh internet, you fickle thing.

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