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Second Shift: Birthing a business while on maternity leave

Lia Littlewood

Our Second Shift series features people working more than one job and finding creative ways to make ends meet. This week, meet a working mom who launched a side business with her best friend. Want to be featured? Email Emily.Laurence@metro.us.

Name: Lia Littlewood
Age: 31
Residency: New Jersey
Lives: With her husband and baby
Number of jobs: 2

In a nutshell, what are your two jobs?

From 9 to 5, I’m a client manager at American Express. And on the side, my best friend Liz and I run a website called Little List, which has deals on high quality items for moms.

How did the idea for Little List come about?

My best friend and I were both working full-time jobs when we became pregnant at the same time; our daughters were born only two days apart. While we were on maternity leave, we got to talking about how there really isn’t a site that delivers high quality deals for moms. Liz and I have been bragging about scoring deals since our college days. So we did some research and launched the site while on maternity leave.

How do you balance everything now that you’re back working full-time?

It really comes down to time-management. We both work full-time, so from 9 to 5, work is our focus. Then we come home and designate an hour and a half to our babies. We focus on Little List after the go to bed, until about midnight. We get on the phone and work and strategize.

Does your husband get frustrated that you’re working all the time?

He’s really supportive because he knows it’s always been a dream of mine to have a small business. I think as long as I’m mindful that I’m a wife and mother too, we’ll be OK.

Have you been able to generate any money from the site?

Yes. We’ve been generating revenue by forming partnerships with popular baby brands.

Overall, are you happy balancing these two jobs or does it get overwhelming?

It’s not balancing two jobs, it’s balancing four: Amex, Little List, being a mom and being a wife. Of course it gets overwhelming, but I couldn’t do it without Liz. The partnership helps me stay grounded and not get overwhelmed.

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