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Secret rock god Andy Kim stays humble at home

He’s sold 30 million records featuring unforgettable songs such as Sugar Sugar, Rock Me Gently and Baby, I Love You. His work has been covered by the likes of Wilson Pickett, Tom Jones, Ike & Tina Turner, Bob Marley and more. He’s received a Gold Album from John Lennon, written for The Monkees and worked with Phil Spector.

Singer/songwriter Andy Kim is a rock god.

Yet in a world where one modestly viral Internet video breeds inconceivable — and inconsolable — divas, the Montreal native is still humble to a fault. Kim feels enthusiasm and humility at being back on home turf to celebrate the release of Happen Again (E1 Entertainment), his first full-length album in 20 years.

“It’s a wonderful feeling that no matter how many miles you’ve travelled, how many places you’ve been or people you’ve met, there’s that place you can say is your home,” he states excitedly, reflecting on a history that found him striking out and relocating to New York many moons ago at the tender age of 16.

“To be able to come home and be embraced by this industry that didn’t exist when I left? It’s amazing. I can’t explain it but if you could see my eyes and face, I’m beaming. One could never expect this … I’m blessed.”

While Kim’s modesty is endearing, keep in mind that by eschewing concrete plans in favour of seeing where life takes him, he rarely expects much and surprise comes readily. To that extent, despite the aforementioned career climaxes, he’s still shocked that anyone may even be remotely curious about Happen Again. However, he admits that because it is a vast undertaking after so many years, he hopes its emotional sincerity will prove appealing and enlightening.

“It’s never the responsibility of the audience or fan to support anything. Music is reaching out to help somebody. As a part of an artist’s mission, you try to utilize to help shine a light on (life) perspectives where somebody may not have otherwise seen it,” he notes.

In typical Kim fashion, Happen Again abounds in lilting, enduring melodies and captivating craftsmanship, prompting the listener to wonder just how a discreet, affable sort such as Kim can possibly come up with so many resounding songs yet be so frustratingly reserved.

“I’m still the kid who grew up in Montreal hoping people would give me the opportunity to let them hear my music,” he admits.

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