Secret Service agents in Colombia scandal offered jobs as escort 'reviewers' - Metro US

Secret Service agents in Colombia scandal offered jobs as escort ‘reviewers’

In what is clearly a marketing ploy (but still pretty hilarious), the website Adult Search is extending a special offer to the 11 Secret Service agents who are under investigation for their role in a Colombian hooker scandal last week.

These gentleman, who could very well be looking for new career paths soon, won’t have to look for long. Adult Search has offered them lucrative new jobs as “reviewers” who can help spot a real from a fake — and we’re talking about prostitutes.

In a letter sent to the Secret Service, and obtained by TMZ, Adult Search makes its pitch to the agents, saying the company understands perfectly why they offered the prostitute only $30 after allegedly agreeing to $750 in exchange for her services.

“Unlike the squares in the White House, we understand completely why you didn’t pay,” the professional-sounding letter states. “Her services obviously weren’t up to snuff and your highly trained Secret Service sensibilities spotted this!”

The letter goes on to offer the agents positions reviewing escorts who advertise on Adult Search because they’ve proven that their “trained eyes can tell the difference between a common prostitute (since prostitution is illegal and we don’t condone it) and the legal adult escorts we list.”

No word yet on the agents’ response….

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