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See images from the set of the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie

There Will Be Blood
Daniel Day-Lewis last acted for Paul Thomas Anderson with "There Will Be Blood"...
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We know that a large part of the Film Internet is devoted to the bizarre practice of covering films as they’re being made, not when they’re finished. We don’t get why reckless (and often incorrect) speculation is more attractive than hard data analysis. We don’t usually participate in this practice, because we have standards.

We make an exception for Paul Thomas Anderson, because he’s Paul Thomas Anderson. The unpredictable filmmaker’s first film since 2014’s “Inherent Vice” has apparently started shooting in England, in the small Yorkshire town of Whitby. And there are now photos, too — and maybe a title (which could be wrong)!

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As it presently stands, the new PTA is officially untitled, but it does have an alleged name. It’s “Phantom Thread,” which might sound a bit too cosmic — or simply not good enough — for a period piece about the fashion industry set in the 1950s. (And remember: big movies — even big little movies, like one about the fashion industry in 1950s England — often use fake names on set.)

Almost nothing is known beside the general setting and theme, but it will reunite Anderson with Daniel Day-Lewis. The last time the two collaborated, with “There Will Be Blood” from (ye gods) 10 years back, Day-Lewis won an Oscar. Much, much more importantly he gave us a great, terrifying and easy-to-impersonate character in the form of Daniel Plainview, who was an oil man. The cast also includes Lesley Manville, who has killed it in many a Mike Leigh film, and which news is also probably exciting to people who enjoy the films of Paul Thomas Anderson.

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