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SEE IT: Salon uses Nutella to color hair


Nutella claims it can be put on almost any food and make it more delicious. Now, a hair salon is claiming that the hazelnut chocolate spread can also make hair a more vibrant color.

An Instagramvideo of woman getting her hair colored at Salon Abed & Samer in Dubai has gone viral with a million views in just one day. The blondewoman’s hair is washed, then Nutella and condensed milk is spread on the locks. The hair isfinally put in foil so the mixture can sit in the hair before being washed out.

Though the woman on the video gives a thumbs up at the end, someon Instagram commented that they’d rather eat Nutella then put it on their hair. Some weren’t so sure it even worked, and one person even suggested that it was just being used as a conditioner treatment.

But for the salon, it’s a common hair coloring product. In an earlier video posted on their Instagram, another woman has Nutellapainted on her hair, then appears to be topped off with whipped cream and and chocolate icing.

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