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See Louise Linton before she was Steve Mnuchin’s wife

Louise Linton might never want for cash after marrying the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, but she’s a little short on cachet these days.

That’s because Steve Mnuchin’s wife is embroiled in what some are calling the biggest “let them eat cake” moment ever seen on Instagram.

Though you won’t be able to access the Louise Linton Instagram account now  the Scottish actress quickly made it private after the heated exchange behind all the current controversy  there are plenty of screenshots of her original post and the ensuing shots fired. After posting a shot of herself and hubby Mnuchin deplaning on a trip that was about official government business, there were several critical comments left for the actress, who was less than pleased. Hashtagging her designer wear in the caption sparked the initial heat, though the bulk of the criticism aimed at the millionaire wife came after she responded to an Oregon mother, who Linton called attacked for “being out of touch.”

Louise Linton berated the women simultaneously for being both “out of touch” and somehow too poor, a blow she made by doubting the woman’s contribution to the country through taxes.

The debate has gotten worse for the couple after a watchdog group demanded to see records about the trip, suspecting it was planned in order to allow Steve Mnuchin and Louise Linton to witness the 2017 solar eclipse from the government plane, the BBC reports.

But before she was the Steve Mnuchin wife or Instagram snark artist, Louise Linton was simply known as a Scottish actress, appearing in such films as She Wants Me, Lions for Lambs and Cabin Fever. Her life before the White House hubbie wasn’t without controversy, though, as independent filmmaker Yam Laranas recently revealed that her ex-husband paid him $200,000 to cast Linton in 2008’s The Echo. Linton’s publicist claims the account is “not true.”

Steve Mnuchin and Louise Linton

So how does a Hollywood actress end up with the Treasury Secretary in the Trump administration? It seems less like two disparate world colliding after you know something extra about Steve Mnuchin: he’s quite the successful producer in La La Land. Mnuchin was executive producer for several silver screen hits you’ve heard of, like Mad Max: Fury Road and Suicide Squad.

Click through the gallery above to see Louise Linton before the Mnuchin marriage, when she was just an actress trying to make a name for herself on the big screen.



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