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See the films that inspired Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ at BAM

Get Out
Universal Pictures

“Jordan Peele: The Art of the Social Thriller”
Feb. 17 through Mar. 1

“Night of the Living Dead” isn’t just a stone cold classic; it’s the rare horror film from the ’60s with a black hero. No doubt George Romero’s grinder — equal parts gory and satirical — helped shape the mind of Jordan Peele, especially when he started on his directorial debut.

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Next week sees the release of Peele’s “Get Out,” a horror number that’s not exactly a comedy but does continue the comic’s bracing exploration of American race relations. But first there’s BAM’s “Jordan Peele: The Art of the Social Thriller.” It’s one of the best ideas for a film series: those that screen films that inspired another, allowing you glimpses of different parts of a movie’s DNA.

Some of them send up the suburbs (Joe Dante’s eternally underrated “The ’Burbs”) or even apartment life (“Rosemary’s Baby”). Others take on race and class (“Candyman,” “The People Under the Stairs”). Others are simply greats (“Rear Window,” “The Silence of the Lambs”). And given that “Get Out” involves a white woman (Allison Williams) introducing her folks to her new black boyfriend (Daniel Kaluuya), it’s only fitting that Stanley Kramer’s clunkily well-intentioned “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” is in here, too.

“Jordan Peele: The Art of the Social Thriller” runs at BAM from Feb. 17 through Mar. 1. Visit the site for showtimes and tickets.

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