Self-proclaimed 'Klepto' nabbed at South Station - Metro US

Self-proclaimed ‘Klepto’ nabbed at South Station

A Boston woman admitted to stealing a transit worker’s bag from his booth at South Station Friday night, but blamed the crime on a stealing addiction.

Twenty-year-old Nyllabrii Raikou allegedly led the T worker on a foot-chase to Fort Point Chanel after swiping the bag from a customer service booth on the Silver Line platform around 10 p.m.

When she noticed the flashing blue lights of Transit Police approaching, Raikou allegedly tossed the bag with all its contents – including a cell phone – into the water.

During her arrest, Raikou allegedly told Transit Police, “I couldn’t help it. I’m a kleptomaniac.”

Kleptomania is a mental disorder that makes it difficult to resist the urge to steal, according to the Mayo Clinic.

She is facing charges of larceny, and is due in court today.

As for the ill-fated bag, Transit Police said they made several attempts to get it out of the water, but said that “the currents were moving too swiftly.”

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