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Selma Blair talks collaborating with Nicolas Cage on ‘Mom And Dad’: ‘He is such an artist’

Selma Blair and Nicolas Cage
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Those of you that have already seen “Mom And Dad,” which was released on VOD and in select cinemas last Friday, will know that it is a ferocious, hysterical, and somewhat unsettling horror comedy that is also preposterously entertaining.
It also possesses a deliciously homicidal Nicolas Cage, too. Cage’s character suddenly sets out to kill his two children alongside his wife Selma Blair, both of whom have fallen victim to a hysteria that has gripped ever other parent for 24 brutal hours. 
Everyone loves to see the Academy Award winning talents of Cage pushed to the limits, while it speaks volumes for Blair’s performance that she manages to go toe-to-toe with him. 
Last week I had the opportunity to speak to Blair about “Mom And Dad,” during which time I specifically asked her about working alongside Cage. 
“Nicolas really is such an artist. He looks at things like a painter, and draws his inspiration from so many different filmmakers. He really has such a deep well.”
Blair refutes the claim that “Mom And Dad” just features a captivatingly eccentric performance from Nicolas Cage, though, insisting that the film also has some particularly touching moments, too. 
“People have been like, ‘This is Nicolas Cage at his wacky best.’ But I thought it was really poignant. Some of the flashback scenes especially, where you see them as the failures that they think they are. And I think that rings true to almost everyone.”
You can judge for yourself whether the film strikes such a chord now, as “Mom And Dad,” which also stars Anne Winters (“13 Reasons Why”) and Zackary Arthur (“Transparent”) and comes from the mind of writer and director Brian Taylor (“Crank,” “Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance”) is currently in select cinemas and is also available on VOD and Digital HD. 

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