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Selma Blair talks Time’s Up, Aziz Ansari, and the change in Hollywood being initiated by powerful women

Selma Blair talks Time's Up

In the wake of the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal that has rocked both the film industry and the entire world huge changes are set to be implemented that make sure such antics can never take place again.

During the course of promoting “Mom & Dad” Selma Blair revealed that she herself had been threatened by director James Toback, who has now been accused of harassment by over 350 women.

When I had the opportunity to speak to the actress over the phone about the recently released horror/dark comedy I quizzed her about how Hollywood can finally progress and change.  

“I think with Time’s Up that the powerful women in Hollywood have initiated something. I am really hopeful things are going to change. It feels like there is going to be causalities. There is such opposing sides for the smaller details that come out about other people.”

“You know, people that aren’t necessarily criminals have done stuff that people would only think of as bad behavior. So all of that other extraneous stuff is coming out, and it seems unfortunate. But at least we are having the conversation.”

Blair then made reference to Aziz Ansari, who was publicly admonished after details of his date with an unnamed photographer emerged, insisting, “I don’t think we need to criminalize all these people.”

“People can change. I’m hopeful. I mean, God, some people lambasted a man who wore a Time’s Up pin, and then they say, ‘But he did this. And this. And this was a horrible date.’ But it’s like, ‘Hey, we’re all trying to change here.’ Would you prefer them to say, ‘I am not onboard and I don’t want to change?’ No. F*** you then. They’re doing the best they can and we all are.

Overall, though, Blair is just happy that “the discussion is happening”

“I think people really are trying to enact change. It’s the whole thought process of our culture and why women feel like they should have better boundaries. And to put that in place for women. So that men aren’t getting mixed messages, too.”

“Not necessarily in the workplace, but in regular life. In the workplace, we all have to know. We don’t want to not be able to flirt. We don’t want to be able to not do things that are normal human interactions.”

“Or have men afraid of women, and go, ‘Oh God, now I can’t even talk to a woman or look at her or she’ll try to put me in jail.’ That’s horrifying to me. But hopefully it will start to sort itself out.”

“Mom & Dad” has now been released in select theaters, while it is also available on VOD and Digital HD.