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Sen. Elizabeth Warren celebrates birthday with democrats, dunkin’ donuts

Senator Elizabeth Warren delivers packages of donuts down the halls of the US Capitol
Elizabeth Warren's official twitter account

Sen. Elizabeth Warren celebrated her birthday on Wednesday at the House floor like a true Bay Stater — with a Dunkin’ Donuts pastry in hand.

Warren surprised fellow Democrats participating in a sit-in with arms full of party treats and protest fuel.

“I just brought Dunkin Donuts!” Warren announced, followed by a round of applause and cheers.

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The sit-in that Democrats pledged to continue until Friday was prompted by the Orlando nightclub massacre, the worst mass shooting in modern history America has ever seen.

Participants have been protesting since Wednesday morning for more in depth background checks that would prevent suspected terrorist from purchasing guns, reports the Boston Globe.

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In a CNN interview with House Speaker Paul Ran, the chamber’s top Republican called the protest a “publicity stunt” and firmly stated that the House GOP would not be passing measures that would erode gun ownership rights.

As Warren also took part in a Senate 15-hour filibuster last week, the only thing that didn’t matter on her birthday was the amount of calories her donuts had.

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