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Sen. Marco Rubio launches ‘investigation’ into alleged failed hug with Ivanka Trump

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Things got awkward Tuesday when a failed hug between Sen. Marco Rubio and first daughter Ivanka Trump went viral.

As Rubio and Ivanka, who serves her father as a top White House adviser, met on Capitol Hill before a meeting on tax relief and helping families, the pair paused to greet in the hallway. Rubio, apparently, had plans for a warmer greeting than Ivanka was ready for. As Rubio swooped in with outstretched arms, nothing about Ivanka Trump’s body language was welcoming, as she stood still with straight arms, clutching her handbag.

Whatever work Rubio and Ivanka made toward relieving tax pressure on Amercian families, it was the failed hug that left the biggest impression after the meeting.

As the photo hit Twitter, social media didn’t hold back.

Twitter user Don Moynihan wrote, “*Rubio after waiting for two hours behind the pillar, ‘Wow, Ivanka, what a surprise. It’s so good to see you again.'”

“Nothing about @IvankaTrump’s body language invites this hug from @marcorubio,” Twitter user @Only4RM agreed by stating.

As the jokes started heating up, Rubio and Ivanka couldn’t help but get in on the fun.

“Just left Intel comm & informed meeting 2day with @IvankaTrump blowing up Twitter over alleged failed hug! Investigating. Will respond soon,” Rubio tweeted, announcing the launch of his “investigation” into the claims of an alleged failed hug with Ivanka.

Ivanka denied any allegations of a failed hug, tweeting, “Fake news! Marco is an excellent hugger…”

But Rubio’s investigation was heating up.

“We believe we have our own unclassified photographic evidence that will shed greater details on this incident,” he followed up with a few minutes later.

Rubio tweeted that his team was also “attempting to acquire multi-angle video which we believe will provide greater insight into this important matter.”

Then he turned to the public for help.

“If you were filming at the Senate carriage entrance today between 11:20-11:25 a.m., we are seeking your assistance with an active investigation,” he tweeted.

The Twitterverse delivered.

Rubio found a few new angles of his own too.

Based on a preponderance of the evidence, Rubio concluded, “No hug was even attempted & press covfefe of alleged failed hug is false.”

Ivanka had her own version of events, “Anonymous sources say @marcorubio planned the alleged failed hug. I have no comment (but I would have hugged him anyway!)”

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