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Send suits to Wall Street protesters

Forget pizza. Forget medical supplies. What the Wall Street protesters really need donated to them are suits.

Suits for Wall Street is seeking to fill that void. So far the group has raised $1,430 through IndieGoGo, which they promise will be donated to buy suits. After all, as they say:

Occupy Wall Street is a lot of things. But at the core it’s a conversation — a conversation about tactics, a conversation about democracy, a conversation about in what kind of world we want to live.

It’s a lot of talk, and a lot of effort, but, for a lot of people, it just doesn’t matter.

Why? Because to them we look like a bunch of dirty hippies.

The point out that Harvey Milk, Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass were all nattily dressed — and yes, they initiated social change! Aesthetics are important, folks.

You can even donate an old suit to the movement. On Oct. 15, they promise to deliver the suits to anyone in Zuccotti Park who wants one. There will even be on-site tailors to help with the fittings. Yes, really.

Next up, we call for soap donations.

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