Seniors’ drug plan gets overhaul after complaints – Metro US

Seniors’ drug plan gets overhaul after complaints

The government will overhaul its drug plan for seniors after getting hundreds of complaints ever since it announced cuts to drug coverage four months ago.

Health Minister Ron Liepert says the cuts would have saved the government $30 million a year, but a new and complex plan announced Thursday would save the government $20 million annually. That’s $10 million less than the previous plan.

“My intention is to show that we’ve listened to seniors’ concerns, that we want to maintain a policy that more reflects the future, said Liepert.

“We don’t want a policy that is a one-size-fits-all.”

Under the new plan, 60 per cent of seniors will either get their prescriptions at no charge or they will pay less than what they’re paying now.

Those seniors who earn more will pay a monthly health premium based on their taxable income and a fraction of the prescription costs. They can also opt out of the plan, said Liepert.

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