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Seth Meyers describes Trump’s penis and we can’t un-see it

Seth Meyers Talks about trump's penis

The lawsuit that Stephanie Clifford — aka porn star Stormy Daniels — filed against President Trump Tuesday states that the nondisclosure, or “hush” agreement about their alleged affair is invalid because Trump never signed it. The lawsuit also discusses Daniels having “certain still images and/or text messages which were authored by or related to” the president. So, to be perfectly blunt, did she see Trump’s penis?

Maybe — definitely, maybe.

The lawsuit was tweeted out by Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, on Tuesday night. 

And late-night hosts could not shake the idea that Daniels possibly, maybe (definitely, maybe) saw Trump’s penis. His junk. His genitalia.

On Stephen Colbert’s show Wednesday evening, he told the audience, “I think we can all guess what these still images are. CBS will not permit me to say the colloquial term, so let’s just call them ‘penis portraits.'”

Seth Meyers — like we knew he would — also made a comment on “Late Night” about these “portraits,” going so far as to describe Trump’s penis.

“Can you just imagine him locked in a bathroom backstage before a campaign rally, trying to find the right angle with his flip phone camera?” Meyers asked, cringing through his laughter.

“It would look like a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto sitting on a Brillo pad,” he said. This can’t be undone — he said it. 

A Flamin’ Hot Cheeto sitting on a Brillo pad.

We can’t un-hear it. We can’t un-see it. We just can’t.

WATCH (if you dare): Seth Meyers describes Trump’s penis

(Skip to 7:50.)

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