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Setting the spring table

It’s been awhile since we’ve had company. To be honest, it’s been awhile since we’ve eaten a meal at the table (winter is tough, and couches are cozy—sorry, mom). But with spring on the horizon, Easter right behind it and Mother’s Day, as always, closer than you think, that’s about to change.

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With this in mind, we checked in with Bronwen Smith, owner and lead designer ofManhattan’s BFloral, for some tips on freshening up the brunch table. Because here’s what Pinterest will never tell you: When beautiful, sophisticated flowers are in the mix, no one will notice the chipped coffee mugs, mismatched plates and paper napkins.
Think seasonal
Early spring boasts some of the most gorgeous blooms, so why not take a cue from the farm-to-table trend and stick with what’s in season? “When picking flowers for spring table designs, we opt for common fan-favorites like peonies, tulip, and sweet peas,” says Smith. “Peonies add fullness and life to an arrangement, while tulips and sweet peas embody the overall essence of spring.”
Keep it simple
Supermarket bouquets are stuffed with a rainbow of colors and stems, which is exactly what you want to avoid. For an effortlessly chic, elevated arrangement, pick one color and one flower. “If you’re looking to take a DIY centerpiece to the next level, try a sleek, modern, monochromatic or mono-flower design that is simple yet stunning,” says Smith. “Stick to varying shades of the same spring color, such as purple, to achieve a polished look.” As for the vase, choose something unique but not distracting—it’s a supporting character, after all.
Go beyond the bouquet
The problem with centerpieces is that, well, they’re in the center. If you’re feeling crafty and want to declutter the table, consider garlands or wreaths. “We love to think outside the vase and use flowers in the overall table design,” says Smith. “Chair garlands add an unexpected touch, and floral wreaths show that flowers can shine outside of the vase.” If you have little ones on the guest list, don’t forget the flower crowns!

Keep ‘em fresh

Cut flowers are living on borrowed time, true. But you can extend their life and with these pro tips:
– Remove all leaves below the water baseline in your vase
– Add a packet of flower food
– Change the water every two to three days

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