Sex and the City movie is women’s playoffs

OK, OK, I know what the majority of women ages 18 to 47 are planning for this weekend. Most of us are dressing up à la Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda for a night at the movies and then out on the town.

I heard some male radio DJ say that men should sacrifice some time this weekend to see Sex And The City with their girlfriends. My question is … why?

We don’t want you there.

We want you boys there as badly as you want us sitting next to you asking questions during an NHL playoff game. (“Honey, is that Dion guy who just scored the one who dates Elisha Cuthbert?”)

This movie is our playoffs. Please go find something else to do, sweetheart.

Instead, you can listen to some punk rock at Broken City on 613-11th Ave SW. A Calgary compilation called The Pine Tarts plays tonight with Thee Thems, The Hazard Lights and Les Audio-Visuels. It’ll be sweaty and loud, with lots of beer. You know, stuff for sweaty, loud, beer-drinking boys. The show starts at 9 p.m. and cover is only $8.

Or you could embark on a ghost tour of downtown Calgary tomorrow night. The researched tour explores Calgary’s history with a supernatural spin, including spooky stories about the Fort Calgary hangings and tales of lovers’ lust gone wrong. We know how much you guys like that gory CSI stuff.

Tomorrow’s tour will cost you $13 and meets at the base of the Calgary Tower at 8 p.m. The guides are easy to spot. After all, there’s not that many people wearing capes and carrying lanterns downtown after dark. A few, but not many.

There are also tours in Kensington, Inglewood and 17th Avenue throughout the season. You can learn more at www.calgaryghosttours.com.

See honey, there’s lots to do this weekend. You don’t need to come see Sex And The City with us. Even though we know you only pretend to hate it. In fact, we know you secretly love it.

We feel the same way about hockey.

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