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Sex, love and Tove Lo

Tove Lo
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On Tove Lo’s debut album “Queen of the Clouds,” sex comes before love and she deals with breakups by getting high, going to sex clubs and binge eating Twinkies. The Swedish 27-year-old has had her fair share of heartbreak. We talk to her about the dark side of relationships and moving on after getting her heart broken.

On having great, no strings attached sex:

“I’ve had a lot of sex without hoping it will turn into love. I can definitely separate the two. For me, it doesn’t have to be connected. But when you are in love with someone and you have sex, it’s always better. But [good sex] can definitely cloud your judgment. ‘Talking Body’ is about that. If you start off having great sex, things tend to last longer than if you started by going on a date and don’t click.”

The best revenge on an ex:

“It’s hard when you’ve been hurt. All you want is for the other person to be hurt as well. But the best revenge is just to not care anymore. The feeling of that person wanting you back when you’re completely over it is the best revenge. I’ve been that person, wanting the other person back and he was like, ‘no, you f—ed it up.’ That was probably the hardest feeling for me because I ruined something really good and now I can’t fix it. That was a good revenge for that person on me.”

Relationships versus the single life:

“I like being single more, but somehow I always end up in a relationship. I love being in love. I love the very beginning of a relationship, when things aren’t defined and you’re just having a great time together. When you’re a couple, sometimes there’s all these demands that come with it, like ‘oh now that we’re a couple, you can’t do that.’ But it becomes really beautiful when you show your weaknesses and flaws. I think it’s easier to be single, but it’s definitely worth it to be in a relationship when you really love someone.”

On writing about the dark side of love instead of the happy parts:

“I’ve only really had intense relationships. It’s like all you see is that other person. And you also go crazy. I’ve never had this, ‘we went out a few times and started liking each other, then we fell in love and now we’re a couple.’ I think those relationships probably last longer because you’re OK with it not always being great and you don’t make a crazy storm out of everything if something feels a little wrong.”

On falling in love again:

“I’m in a really great relationship right now and it’s the first time I feel like it’s easy. I’m really in love with him and we have a great time together. He gets me and I get him. My next album is maybe going to be a little happier I think.”

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