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Sex sells at Taboo show

The 10th annual Taboo Naughty But Nice Sexy Show wrapped up with a twist yesterday.

Demonstrating an upside-down move on the pole, Jennifer Liddle from Aradia Fitness explained how this form of dancing can have dual benefits.

“Our fitness program is very much based on physical fitness but we also really incorporate a sensual side,” said Liddle. “We work with ladies of all backgrounds, of all ages, and we really want to inspire confidence in these women.”

Like Aradia Fitness, dozens of other vendors filled the Edmonton Expo Centre to offer guests different ways to enhance the intimate aspect of their lives. Although the title of the show may have some raising their eyebrows, Joe Papa, show manager, maintained that the show isn’t what some initially perceive it to be.

“It’s not hardcore, dirty sexy,” said Papa. “It’s more about sensuality, romance, and learning how to enjoy each other at home and stuff like that. We have a lot of informational seminars.”

The popularity of the show is increasing every year.

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