Shake Shack food trucks are coming in February - Metro US

Shake Shack food trucks are coming in February

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Do you love Shake Shack but don’t always have time to visit their restaurant? Or have you always dreamed of serving Shake Shack burgers at your party? We have the best news for you: Shake Shack is going mobile.

The company’s CEO Randy Garutti announced that they will launch a food truck concept in early February earlier this week at an industry conference in Orlando, Florida, according to Skift Table.

Where will Shake Shack’s food trucks be stationed?

Shake Shack

At the conference, Garutti said that they will launch their first food trucks in New Jersey and Atlanta.

He didn’t give an exact opening date. So if you live near New Jersey or Atlanta, keep your eyes open for a traveling Shake Shack truck next month. The food trucks will be staffed and supported by the local restaurants.

According to Skift Table, Shake Shack plans to primary use the food trucks at “community events, festivals, private parties and similar events that are easier to serve with a mobile cooking unit.”

It seems like Shake Shack have been planning to release food trucks for a long time.

“It’s one of those things where people have always said, ‘Why don’t you have one?'” Garutti said at the company’s conference presentation. “‘Why can’t you come to my Bar Mitzvah and cook Shackburgers?'”

Garutti’s definitely right, going to an event or a party where food truck is serving Shake Shack burgers would be a dream come true.

Food trucks are gaining popularity

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Food trucks have become a great way for food chains to offer their food at various locations and to test new markets.

They require less overhead to get up and running since they have mobile kitchens and the concept will give Shake Shack a chance to compete against independent food trucks.

Food trucks have quickly gained popularity and the food truck industry is currently growing at a faster pace than the restaurant industry.

The restaurant industry has grown nearly two percent each year while food trucks have increased quickly with eight percent each year, according to Statista.

By 2020, food trucks in the U.S are expected to have reached a value of nearly $1 billion.

According to Restaurant Dive, it is the millennials that are driving the upward trend of food trucks, since they want new foods at reasonable prices.

Shake Shack is expanding

Shake Shack

Besides adding food trucks, Shake Shack keeps expanding with new restaurants, both domestically and internationally.

In 2018, Shake Shack, which started as a New York brand, launched 34 new locations in the U.S. and operated across 16 countries.

This year they plan to add another 36 to 40 locations, including units in U.S. airports.

This month they will open their first restaurant in China and they’re planning to expand to Mexico, Singapore and the Philippines, Garutti revealed at the conference.

The New York brand has definitely put their name out on the market and if the food trucks go well, they’re planning to add more locations.

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