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Sheen can’t take ‘Violent Torpedo of Truth’

The Charlie Sheen shame train made a stop in New York City this weekend, with two performances of “Charlie Sheen Live: My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option” at Radio City Music Hall Friday and Saturday nights. After a disastrous performance in Detroit and ovations in Chicago, New Yorkers were keyed up to see Sheen’s brand of something they dole out famously: truth. The star took the stage on Friday to cheers but was unable to hold his own against the relentless tide of snark coming from the audience. There was booing. There was heckling. There were walkouts. True to stereotype, New Yorkers are “winning!” in the blood sport of insult-hurling.

The biggest cheers were reserved for Sheen’s drug references and, ultimately, the audience’s one-liners. The sign in the lobby warning that hecklers would be removed was of no avail. Thirty minutes into the show, Sheen left the stage and a video came on, signaling the first big rush for the doors. “This is worse than Chernobyl!” someone called out.

Sheen returned to the stage, but it was long over. “What’s on your bucket list, Charlie?!” Sheen’s moderator asked, but the audience bested the warlock again: “Leave town!” came from the mezzanine.

Who saw Sheen?

Liza Clark, Greenwich, Conn.
What she expected: “It wasn’t that much money, so if it tanks, it doesn’t matter.”
How she felt after: “It just wasn’t interesting or funny. He couldn’t handle the heckling at all. He raced off the stage — a waste of money.”­

Matt Bender, Queens, N.Y.
What he expected: “A big show. I paid a bunch of money.”
How he felt after: “He didn’t deliver, no. It wasn’t worth it. [Yelling] You know, f— him. Queens represent!”

Cliff Russell, Rockaway Beach, N.Y.
What he expected: “I’m here to see somebody who I clearly connect with, who I think is my alter ego. I’m going nuts, I’m going to take my shirt off, I’m flippin’ out.”
How he felt after: After a few drinks, Russell disappeared.

–Today’s Charlie Sheen item was written by Julia Furlan.

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