Shell launches biofuel at Ottawa gas station - Metro US

Shell launches biofuel at Ottawa gas station

Drivers filling up at a west Ottawa gas station will be among the first in the world to fill their tanks with a fuel blend of gasoline and cellulosic ethanol.

As part of a month-long trial, all regular gasoline at the Shell gas station on Merivale Road will contain 10 per cent cellulosic ethanol, which is an advanced biofuel made from wheat straw that is supposed to emit 90 per cent less CO2 than gasoline.

Unlike conventional ethanol that’s made from the kernel of the corn or from raw sugar, cellulosic ethanol is made from agricultural residues that have no other use, said Iogen CEO Brian Foody.

“The fuel here will deliver that same mileage as fuel from other stations around the city will,” said Foody. “Consumers wouldn’t notice the difference.”

Shell Biofuels, Future Fuels and CO2 vice-president Luis Scoffone said the cost of the fuel would be the same as regular gasoline.

After the trial, if Shell decides to continue selling the fuel, Scoffone said the market would determine how much it will cost.

Transport Minister John Baird said it’s important that Canada does more to develop new generation research and development and create high-tech jobs for the Canadian economy.

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