Shia LaBeouf embarks on a hitchhiking expedition – Metro US

Shia LaBeouf embarks on a hitchhiking expedition

Shia LaBeouf embarks on a hitchhiking expedition
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Don’t be alarmed! Therugged bearded man standingon the side of the roadis not a homeless person, in fact it’s no other than “Even Stevens” star,Shia LaBeouf. And, this time it seems like he’s taken his role in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” a bit too seriously.

But, why? We’re asking the same thing. Apparently, Labeouf is hitchhiking through the U.S. for the sake of “art.”

The “Transformers” leading man has brought some pals with him for the journey, artists NastjaRönkköand Luke Turner.

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The trio started their adventure in May and have hit cities in Utah, Detroit, New Orleans, Pennsylvania and more. Note how they haven’t stopped in California, Illinois or New York, perhaps because of LaBeouf’s extensive criminal record.

On Sunday night, LaBeoufwas spotted on a boat in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The following night, he traveled to Sheboygan. And, last night he was seen making his way through Minnesota. Let’s not forget, this is for art people.

So, how does onefind Mr. LaBeouf? It’s simple, a set of GPS coordinates are posted via his Twitter @thecampaignbook, then the three friends wait for someone to pick them up.

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Obviously, their trip is being covered by the Internet’s most hipster news outlet VICE. can be be followed by visitinghttp://takemeanywhere.vice.com/or searching the hashtag#takemeanywhere on Twitter. Just yesterday, the ticker was making it’s way down interstate 90, where LaBeouf was making his way through Minnesota into South Dakota.

Where will this curly haired hitchhiker venture to next? We sincerely hope that he’s on his best behavior. If not, he can always go revisit the place where he found the most “terrific egg sandwich.”