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Shia LaBeouf still looks unbathed, won’t be charged for assault

Shia LaBeouf, king of problematic faves, will not be charged for attacking a Nazi. It is 2017.

According to Entertainment Weekly, assault charges against the “American Honey” actor have been dropped. LaBeouf was charged with misdemeanor assault and a harassment violation in late January after allegedly attacking a 25-year old white supremacist during a protest against President Donald Trump. LaBeouf was given a pre-arraignment dismissal, citing insufficient evidence.

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The alleged victim said to LaBeouf that “Hitler did nothing wrong,” at the actor’s interactive, anti-Trump art instillation, “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US.” In response, the actor shoved him away. LaBeouf then allegedly pulled the man’s scarf, which scratched the victim’s face, so you know. He pressed charges. A supporter of LaBeouf’s said “Shia took a hit for us. There were all these Nazis here, he came out and tried to protect us.”

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Shia LaBeouf is a brave, albeit sometimes confused, man. I cherish him with my heart, I do. He started his mega stardom fighting off alien robots, and now he’s actually, literally fighting off Nazis. Again, the year is 2017.

May LaBeouf lead us in the fight against other things that have no business in our modern times: discrimination, the black plague, and whatever is going on with Mike Pence.

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