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Shocking new updates in the Kim Kardashian heist

Shocking new updates in the Kim Kardashian heist

The world was shocked to hear that Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint during Paris Fashion week. We know that she was bound, gagged, and locked in a bathroom by at least 5 men dressed as police. Since then new details have emerged

Here are the updates:

Kim wasn’t alone in the hotel as many have assumed. Her friend and stylist, Simone was also in the apartment, sleeping in a downstairs bedroom. When Simone heard the commotion and realized something was wrong, she locked herself into a bathroom and contacted Kim’s bodyguard Pascal Duvier and sister Kourtney Kardashian for help.

The concierge who let the men to Kim’s unit was inside of the apartment while the robbery was happening according to TMZ. Though he was handcuffed, Kim told authorities that he was extremely calm. She asked him “Are we gonna die?” To which he responded, “I don’t know,” reports the gossip site. The entire ordeal only lasted about 6 minutes and the concierge is a key witness in the case.

TMZ also reports that Kim’s stolen ring, worth approximately 4 million dollars, is super rare and easily traceable should the thieves try to sell or have it appraised on the market. The diamond has an invisible inscription that can be used to track it down.

The investigation is still on. Surveillance cameras at a nearby retail area may have captured the robbers during their escape. This is a huge help since there is no footage from the luxury bed and breakfast style hotel. TMZ says that they are also collecting cigarette butts found near the scene for DNA.

A source has told PEOPLE Magazine that the reality star blames herself for showing off the ring and that the incident has her questioning everything she does moving forward. Is this the end of “KUWTK?”

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