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Shonn Greene parks in handicap spot, flees police when confronted

Shonn Greene
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Shonn Greene has apparently been watching a few too many “Seinfeld” reruns.

The Titans running back got himself in real trouble over the weekend when he decided to park in a handicap spot at a public square in Franklin, Tennessee.

When a police officer approached Greene upon seeing him park his BMW in the spot, the former Jet was uncooperative with the officer’s demands to see a handicap placard for his car. Mainly because he doesn’t have one, probably. And is, in fact, a professional athlete.

So of course Greene hopped back in his car, gunned it and took off — almost running over the officer in the process.

“Greene showed no regard for the parking enforcement officer’s safety, or the safety of others, as he recklessly evaded the parking enforcement officer over what would have been a simple parking ticket,” the Franklin Police Department said in a news release.

After the Titans were contact by police, they contacted Greene and the running back turned himself in on a warrant for his arrest.

He was charged with failure to stop/halt/frisk, reckless driving, ilegal parking and driving on a suspended license. Oh, yeah, did we not mention he wasn’t even supposed to be driving in the first place because his license was suspended?

Just remember “Seinfeld” Shonn. Parking in a handicap spot never works out well.

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